Re-Shape, Lamination & Hybrid Brow Masterclass

Re-Shape, Lamination & Hybrid Brow Masterclass

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Want to acquire the key skills needed to achieve the perfect brows? 

This treatment is customised to adapt to each clients desires, and this is shown across Browtique’s Eyebrow Lamination & Hybrid Dye Training, teaching participates the skills needed to achieve perfect results for their clients.

Eyebrow Lamination involves the restructuring of brow hairs to keep them in a desired shape, this process is individualised for each client, and is proven through the skills taught within Browtique’s training.

Olivia’s Training guide will develop skills necessary to creating voluminous, full and feather brows that are defined yet natural looking. 

This training session includes some of Olivia’s favourite tools & products.

To submit your interest or to register for Browtique’s upcoming course please email, alternatively, you can book online to secure your seat. 


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