Brow Pomade

Brow Pomade

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Eyebrow pomade is the ideal product for those looking to create a bold and filled brow look. This product is long-wearing, cream-based and waterproof, allowing you to define the brows by filling in those sparse areas. It's soft texture allows for a smooth and precise application to the skin.

Shade guide
  • Brown 1 - Light 
  • Brown 2 - Medium 
  • Brown 3 - Dark

Directions for use

Collect a small amount of product using the application tool and begin to fill in the peak of the brow. Ensure you are using the spoolie provided for further blending. Moving in the direction of the natural hair growth, continue by filling out the brow and blending the product out towards the tail of the brow. To complete the look, use the remaining product on the tool to fill in the front of the brows.

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