Teeth Whitening Masterclass

Teeth Whitening Masterclass

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Want to learn Browtique's secret to creating a beautiful and bright smile? Develop the skills and knowledge needed to provide the safest teeth whitening service for your clients! 

This 1 day training course is perfectly created to provide a theoretical framework that aims to support students attending Browtique’s training course. This treatment gives clients instant results and works dramatically to create a pearly white smile, as shown through the extreme popularity of this service.

Browtique's training guide will develop the expertise necessary to equip students with full confidence to carry out this treatment. Students will be assisted by both Olivia and Rylie throughout the duration of this course. 

This training session includes some of Browtique’s favourite tools & products.

To submit your interest or to register for Browtique’s upcoming course please email olivia@browtique.info, alternatively, you can book online to secure your seat. 


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